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Core Team


Pandu Sastrowardoyo
Chief Executive

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IT & Blockchain consultant and business leader. Former environmental engineer with bioinformatics course certificates and microbiology experience.   Ex-IBMer, cofounder of multiple Blockchain organizations, as seen in Forbes, CNBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle, Forkast News, and many others.


Kevin Janada
Chief Engineer

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Experienced developer with multiple years of experience in building blockchain based web applications in the Ethereum ecosystem. Strong engineering experience in web applications, and Node.js. Currently leading the engineering team develop the DeBio platform and its underlying infrastructure.


Ibn Gamal Alhadid
Chief Scientist

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Biologist, fitness professional, and wellness enthusiast. Experienced in network marketing, business development, and sales throughout a wide range of industries.

Coordinates the DeBio.network Advisors.

Bioinformatics & Medical Advisors

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Popi Septiani, PhD

Researcher specializing in genomics and bioinformatics. Experienced in genomic data analysis and transcriptomics in the medical and agriculture fields. Currently tenured for Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics Classes at an Indonesian university.

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dr. Theza Pellondo'u, Sp.KF

Experienced in medical forensics, medicolegal, and bioethical fields, including assisting to solve criminal cases, doctor-patient conflicts, and other ethical problems within the medical field. Previously the Chairman of Law and Ethics for a private hospital in Jakarta. Currently the Department Head of Forensic and Medicolegal Science, and Bioethics, at a private medical university, and  a practicing forensic & medicolegal specialist in the same city.

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dr. Agus Mutamakin, M.Sc

Chief Information Officer of a major govt-owned hospital in Indonesia and a member of the healthcare informatics technical committee of the National Standards Bureau along with the National Telemedical Program. 15 years of experience in management, research, and informatics development in Indonesia

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Karlia Meitha, Ph.D

Experienced researcher in the molecular biology field with a special interest in genome editing and the small RNA application to support sustainable living. Meitha writes scientific articles regarding plants, within the molecular & physiology field. Meitha currently leads the biotechnology Master's program with the primary task of creating a generation of creative biotech experts. 

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dr. Hendy Wijaya, M.Biomed

Researcher with a scientific specialty in biochemistry, nutrition, genetics,  and metabolic disease. Currently actively teaching Biochemistry and Physiology at the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty of a major university. He is also a research consultant for a food supplement company.

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Dr. rer. Nat Marselina Irasonia Tan

Researcher specializing in molecular and cellular biology in the biomedical science field. Has research experience in the fields of cancer biology, immunology, and whole-genome sequencing. Currently teaching university classes on immunology, infection and immunology, cell biology, cancer biology, animal development, and tissue engineering.

Technical & Business Model Advisors

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Bobby Andika
Team Lead

Leader of our development team. In-depth knowledge and experience in executing multiple Blockchain projects. Also executed many IT projects from top-tier brands.

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Aloysius Dedy Cahyanto
Smart Contract Developer

 Specializes as a smart contract developer. Has experience in many blockchain projects, and also other IT Solution projects in the enterprise space.

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Serafica Alamanda
Business & QA Advisor

Quality Assurance Professional, Business Analyst, and Consultant at Blocksphere.id. Experienced in leading the testing & QA processes for large projects in the financial, agriculture, and telco sectors.

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Lydia Hildegard
Technical Advisor

Self-proclaimed Blockchain and Cloud geek. A former developer for IBM, she is certified in Hyperledger Besu (Consensys Quorum)  and Hyperledger Fabric. 

Experienced in multiple Blockchain projects, as a developer, scrum master, and lead technical consultant for Blocksphere.id

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Anton Emil
Business & Ecosystem Advisor

Blockchain tech and enterprise IT consultant at Blocksphere.id. Led project implementation and assisted in consulting workshops within multiple companies in the enterprise space, including within the FSI, govt, and asset management sectors.