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Menstrual Calendar

Anonymous menstrual cycle tracking app now available on DeBio Network! Confidentially monitor your cycle while maintaining your privacy and safety. The DeBio Menstrual Calendar app assures that your menstrual cycle tracking data is secure and anonymous, safeguarding you from any potential legal implications tied to abortion laws.



Menstrual cycle calendars, also known as period trackers, can be very beneficial to women in various ways:


Predicting Periods:  Period trackers are very useful for planning events around potential PMS symptoms and scheduling activities.

Understanding Cycle Regularity: Recording menstrual cycles is the only way to tell if your period is regular or irregular, which can be important for diagnosing potential health issues.

Fertility Planning: Menstrual tracking can help predict ovulation, which is crucial for women trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy.

Health Insights:  Identifying patterns in physical or emotional symptoms can assist in managing conditions like endometriosis or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Medical Consultation: Menstrual Cycle records assist in medical consultations by providing clarity to healthcare professionals, resulting in more accurate diagnoses or treatment plans.


The DeBio Menstrual Calendar features an easy-to-use interface allowing you to seamlessly track and monitor your cycle with actionable data. There are several payment and subscription options available.


To further anonymize your identity, subscribe to the Menstrual Calendar with DBIO tokens. This innovative payment option does not require any type of proof of identification, 100% protecting women's rights to female-focused healthcare without legal repercussions.

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